Zoey, the complete sanitary and access control solution with a smart terminal and digital application

Record keeping

Non-contact temperature verification

Temperature, mask wearing, health questionnaire, hand sanitization

Virtual questionnaire

Access controls :

QR code, acces badges, facial recognition, vaccination passport

Secure environment

The advantages of our solution


Camera ready to be installed and managed from a secure cloud


Fully customizable application, content and questionnaires


Securing data with

encryption at rest

Support and maintenance 7 days a week.

High-tech camera with an accuracy of 0.1deg

A smart camera and a no contact control device

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High precision thermal camera

Temperature monitoring

Mask wearing control

An optional non-contact sanitizing gel distributor

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Health questionnaire

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Modular and bilingual

Historization and monitoring of responses

Complementary questionnaires (other than health)

A complete monitoring system 

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Conforms to COVID 19 regulations for record maintenance.

Chat and communication within the application (employees and registered staff)

Complementary processes without registration for visitors (e-mail and sms)

Notification in case of emergencies

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Flexible access control

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Access badge

QR Code

Facial recognition

SSCA and ZOEY in the press

SSCA is very proud to participate in the relaunch of hockey activities by ensuring the independent control of health measures for all people having access to the Bell Center.
A big thank you to the organization of Groupe CH for choosing the SSCA platform and to our digital partner
ALEIA who has largely contributed in the development of our personalized solution to Groupe CH.

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SSCA and ZOEY in the press

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A Quebec innovation


Designed and developed in Quebec


Data lodged in Quebec


Fully Bilingual Application



"When the protective measures due to Covid 19 were implemented, we looked for the best in terms of innovation and what was most reassuring for our employees. And that's how we found the ZOEY station. "

Marc Lefebvre, Owner of Lefebvre Industri-al

They trust us


Groupe CH


Stanstead College



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CIUSS Montréal E

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