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The hands of vulnerable children

The number of children with irritated hand problems has increased since returning to school in the Quebec region due to the frequent use of Purell type disinfectant gel to prevent COVID-19.  

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Facial recognition in China

  Data and facial recognition to track coronavirus patients in China

Anxious to contain the new coronavirus, which has already infected more than 30,000 people, China is resorting to a familiar arsenal: large-scale data analysis and the all-out deployment of artificial intelligence technologies.

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Air Transport


Posted on March 24, 2020

Like other major transit locations, airports in the Atlantic have reduced their activities. While governments have pledged to tighten controls, health measures are slow to be implemented.

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Air Canada

Air Canada maintains that the temperature controls comply with all applicable laws and regulations and that it has the ability to seek the advice of a physician if it ever fears that a passenger may not be fit to travel.