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Snap XT

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Designed by, the Snap XT is an American technology specialized in access control via an access device and a digital application.

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Simple to use and requires no installation

24/7 technical support

Available in english

Digital Application

Temperature measurement

Facial recognition

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Customer register maintenance application

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The customer register allows you to propose a quick sanitary form to your visitors and customers. This application is a tool that will also allow you to easily trace the customers who have visited your establishment and to communicate with them in case of an outbreak of Covid 19.

Our products are designed to ensure the safety and the well-being of your company, yourself, your employees and your customers.

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The advantages of our solution


Camera ready to be installed and managed from a secure cloud


Fully customizable application, content and questionnaires


Securing data with

encryption at rest

Support and maintenance 7 days a week.

High-tech camera with an accuracy of 0.1deg