Health centers

CHSLD, CSSIUGS, CLSC, CIUSSS, hospitals, private and public medical clinics, radiology centers, research centers

The smart terminal

for health centers

✔ Valid if people are wearing the face covering correctly upon arrival

✔ Applies certain sanitary measures: dispenser of non-contact sanitizing gel

✔ Pre-triage at access points to separate users with and without symptoms

✔ Take the temperature very precisely (reader recognized by Health Canada)

✔ Control access to the establishment

Our health centers have been severely affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The SSCA station saves time and energy and protects the most vulnerable.


Automated reception control


Binocular infrared camera and thermal digitizer

The access point is equipped with a binocular infrared camera and a thermal digitizer. The temperature measurement is instantaneous and allows a margin of error of only 0.3 degrees to pass.


The data from the kiosk interface is more reliable than most thermal laser guns currently used in hospitals.

Focus on security

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Focus on security

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Focus on what really matters

Several patients return to hospitals across the province every day. With the temperature taking and the highly recommended COVIC questionnaire, several members of the hospital staff are busy asking questions, validating the wearing of the face cover and taking the temperature with imprecise and unreliable tools.

SnapXT station supports your staff

✓ She performs certain health and safety measures

✓ It helps reduce the risk of spread

✓ It automates certain tasks

✓ It transmits information quickly