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  ZOEY is currently used by several companies and public institutions such as medical facilities (hospitals, dentists' offices), schools, public administrations and large companies.

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The intelligent terminal and digital application that ensures reliable and efficient sanitary control

Access control management by thermal imaging and facial recognition system

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Designed and engineered for accurate temperature measurement

Ensures mask wear detection by facial recognition with an efficiency of > 99.995%.

Hand sanitizing at the entrance thanks to the contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispenser integrated as an option with the ZOEY terminal.

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Covid 19 Sanitary form

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Protect your organization from the Covid 19 outbreak by introducing the fully customizable sanitary form, that must be completed by all members before passing through the ZOEY terminal.

Implementation of sanitary measures adapted to your needs

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A fully editable and bilingual application

Real-time notification of questionnaire results by email and sms

Logging and monitoring of responses in the form of reports visible on the dashboard

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A comprehensive monitoring system

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Complies with COVID 19 regulations for record keeping.

Message and communication in the application (employees and registered staff)

Complementary process without registration for passing visitors (e-mail and sms)

Notification in case of alert.

Flexible access control

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Access badge

QR Code

Facial recognition

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A Quebec innovation


Designed and developed in Quebec


Data lodged in Quebec


Fully Bilingual Application

A Quebec innovation

A Quebec innovation

Functions included with the terminal

  • Microsoft Azure hosting

  • HiTrust, ISO27001 and HIPAA compliance

  • Thermal management

  • Compliance and validation

  • Cloud device management

  • Advanced reports and analyzes

  • Upload to the cloud on the device

  • Cloud-based settings management

  • Electronic messaging and automated SMS

  • Adding customizable workflows to the market

  • Multilingual

  • 24/7/365 live support

  • AI interfaces

  • User Management

The resort includes

  • 8 inch screen and software

  • Binocular infrared camera

  • Thermal digitizer

  • Sanitizing gel dispenser

  • Access control capability

  • State-of-the-art easy recognition algorithm

  • NFC, RFID, Bluutooth, 4G and QR code

  • Direction of liveliness

  • Customizable workflows

  • Multilingual

  • Material warranty

  • Online and offline operation

  • Plug & Play installation

  • Ports for Ethernet and access control

  • Installation mast

  • Power supply

A Quebec innovation