The solution to our security

The access control sanitary station (SSCA) provides a secure solution regardless of your sector of activity. The terminal ensures compliance with the wearing of protective equipment in public places, helps to control new foci of transmission of certain viruses and allows tracing. It is also an excellent preventive measure.

Integrates with your access control

The kiosk is designed for you  

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

✓ Facial recognition

✓ A temperature measurement

✓ Hand sanitization

✓ Access control

✓ Protocol management if symptoms

Health centers

CHSLD, CSSIUGS, CLSC, Hospitals, Medical clinics, Private medical clinics, Radiology centers, Research centers

Retail businesses

Boutiques, Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores


Bistros, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Cafeterias


Factories, Manufactures, Textiles, Foundries, Production lines

Office buildings

Office towers, Professional offices, Shared workspaces

Portable trays

Arenas, Football stadiums, Swimming pools, Gyms


Primary schools, Secondary schools, vocational schools, CEGEPs, Universities


Airport entrances, Customs posts, Airline carriers

Health Centers
CHSLD, CSSIUGS, CLSC, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Private Medical Clinics, Radiology Centers, Research Centers