Prevent a contaminated passenger
get on board

public or private transport

The new public health directives on passenger transport, public or private, are very strict. However, it is difficult to respect social distancing inside transport vehicles, whether they are land, air, sea or on rails. And a large amount of passengers in a closed space is conducive to fast transmissions.

Automated reception control

✔ Valid if people are wearing the face covering correctly upon arrival

✔ Applies certain sanitary measures: dispenser of non-contact sanitizing gel

✔ Pre-triage at access points to separate users with and without symptoms

✔ Take the temperature very precisely (reader recognized by Health Canada)

✔ Control access to transport


Buses, taxis, metro, trains, ferries


Train station, bus station or terminus

To better control the flow of passenger traffic, check them more than once during their transit time. Use a QR code on the boarding pass to follow the evolution of profiles and the increase in temperature among travelers.

Focus on security

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Fast and efficient tracing

SSCA sanitary stations have the capacity to keep a log and take the temperature of each passenger throughout the journey.

All of the functions offered are integrated in order to give a result whether or not the user can be accessed. All the actions taken by the stations are kept in the database. This function makes it possible to instantly trace users who have passed a checkpoint at a specific time.


In the event that a user tests positive for COVID-19, for example, it is thanks to this database that it will be possible to quickly trace the people who have been in contact with the infected person.

SnapXT station supports your staff

✓ She performs certain health and safety measures

✓ It helps reduce the risk of spread

✓ It automates certain tasks

✓ It transmits information quickly